kurukulla rehearsal
kurukulla rehearsal



Welcome to Yoku Naru London


Mime Workshop in Brixton
5:30pm to 7pm every Sundays
start 8 January 2017
at Brixton Pound Caf
77 Atrantic road

The 1st workshop is free to attend
& happy donation towards £60 rent is appreciated.
£15 or B£15 / session
& £10 concession

Mime workshop
in Shoredich

Saturdays 10am to 12pm
at Zifer Blat
Tree House for Grown-Ups
388 Old street, EC1V 9LT
07984 693 440
5minuts from Old street tube

Enquiry & Booking for
Mime lessons

Japanese Language
Calligraphy TeaCeremony lessons
Flower Arrangements

Yoga lessons
Tai~chi or
Wing Chyn Kung fu

mobile : 078 5151 9590
email : ima@yokunaru.co.uk

Why mime ?

Mime workshops start in the new year at B£Caf! Why mime ? So we can express our thoughts & beliefs/disbeliefs or how bad or good we feel. Rediscover ourselves, each other & the world. Be silent or be noisy, serious, sad or funny, as a private healing process or as a performing art that­ can change the world. The possibility is infinite. Mime can be a powerful anti-depressant if you wanna it to be.
Free your expression!

The workshop is lead by Ima who studied mime in Japan & London. Ima taught & performed in Japan, UK, EU, Africa,
New York & Caribbean.
In Brixton, She performed in Cool Tan in 1990’s & opened popup shop ‘Healing Art’
in Brixton Village in 2009~10.
Now, Ima’s back in Brixton! This is a chance that you too enjoy the magic of this ancient creation of humankind.

Respect Ital ;-)

Mime / Physical Theatre / Performing Art Free course in London for 16~18 years young

and Performances as work experience !

kage116~18 years young

( for who aren’t in education at the mo )

; Three weeks introduction course

Twelve weeks  main course

Then you will  be awarded & receive bursary of £100+

Gain more confidence feeling free to express and feel better ;)


Let's go.
Let’s go.


19 years young + ; Starts in Spring

atom bomb !
atom bomb !

Please book a place asap via email – imayo@yokunaru.co.uk

not atombomb!

or call Imayo on 07851519590    ( my phone’s been stolen in December! so meanwhile please call this number )


more info on http://zoesoldout.smugmug.com/Other/Adero-workshops/Adero-Mime-workshop/28960098_fQZxmM#!i=2462177634&k=2gBjmsk———————————————————————————-

The circle of life! Turn from loss

 Thank you for your interest for Yoku~Naru.

Yoku means well and Naru means to be or to become in japanese, so together ‘ Become better ‘ !

We are working on making this world a better place all together. What the better world will be like ?

Sure there are many ideals… would you like to write your ideals ? I’m making a new page for ‘an ideal world’ and it will be open for discussion and also for correction for my bad english ?!

22 November 2013, Imayo

  • Healthy food ~ made to your  Personal diet or for A special present


Vegan Chocolate (The original vegan hearts)

Petal Dream Snowing

__Organic Raw Chocolate X’mas Menu

*  Chocolate Hearts

  • Plain Dark & Raw
  • Nutty
  • Fruity
  • Goji Berry
  • Sesame
  • Spirulina
  • Cinnamon & Nutmeg
  • Maccha Green Tea
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Red Hot Chilli
  • and Seasonal Special Naughty Brandy!

* Plain Dark Truffle Melt


  • * X’mas Morning Special Raw Chocolate Cereal Mix
    Seasonal Present Assortment Box~ Seasonal Special Sale 
    ~price ; £1 / 10gram, 10% discount for over 100 gram purchase
    *Organic Fondue – Dried fruits dipped in Bain-Marie ,
    Your taster for Your first time Yoku~Naru Raw Chocolate experience
    *Green tea_matcha
    *Organic Goma-shio ( Sesami & Salt )

~Yummy on rice !

for web purchase ; please openwww.makerhood.com

and search

Oishii~ital vegan delights 

delicious raw chocolate hearts
Miracle Hearts
A special gift, Raw Chocolate Vegan Organic Hearts, the size of your loved one’s heart! .
one heart with himalayan pink rock salt
one heart with himalayan pink rock salt



pink rock salt are rich in mineral



one heart with hawaiian spirulina
one heart with hawaiian spirulina

immune system booster with spirulina

 tea ceremony   water

ima by maya
ima by maya

tea spoon



in HesFes
Summer kimono ‘ yu-ka-ta ‘

Fun in Brixton Village

Tea towel


Potato bowl





Chya-ga-shi = Tea Cake with goji berry & armon


  • Sushi Specialist :Vegan Sushi, Vegetarian Sushi etc

 Performing Art

Mime        Comedy       Interview

  • Lessons


Stress free movement



Japanese conversation, reading & writing lessons  (includes brush writing) for any age.

tea ceremony ( for beginner )

flower arrangement ( for beginner )


  • First Aid Kit : WaterProof, Complimentary & Organic


Please Contact  imayo

for an unique or bulk orders, booking or further informations ;

please contact via

  • email : ima@yokunaru.co.uk
  • mobile : 078 5151 9590
  • skype internet phone : yokunaru111

for web purchase ; please open www.makerhood.com

and search

Oishii~ital vegan delights 

Whisking green tea powder












Questions are welcome

Geysya at rest…